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why indonesia

Indonesia has the fastest growing internet economy in the region. Forbes magazine has mentioned Indonesia as 'The new tiger of South East Asia' being home to over 265 million people with a median age of 29 years. The country represents a huge population of young, mobile savvy digital natives who are ready to conquer the digital space.

Offshoring to Indonesia with its young digital natives and highly competitive rates means adding a huge potential to your business. We do not only offer the most competitive rates in the Asian region, outcompeting that of Indian or other Asian tigers, but we can also help you on launching your business within Indonesia.


We are a Sumatra based consulting, software and testing offshore company focusing on providing support to business of international clients.

Our business consultants and dedicated team of professionals offer tailor made services adding value to your organisation, whether you want to start doing business in Indonesia or add offshore talents to your local team.

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our approach

We listen carefully to you: your needs, your ambitions, time schedules and business objectives. But as in all good relations we first make sure that we understand each other's businesses, vision and culture before we start our collaboration. We consider a good understanding as a breeding ground for a long term relationship.

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